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Psych 01 - Introduction to Psychology: This course provides an overview of current theories and research in the areas of heredity and envrironment, learning, sensation and perception, intellect and cognition, language, memory, personality, sexuality, human development, abnormal psychology, and therapy. Emphasis will be placed on studying behavior within a scientific framework. Current psychological topics will be addressed.

Psych 05 - Introduction to Developmental Psychology: This course provides an overview of human development throughout the entire life span, including death and dying. Current theories and research in the areas of heredity and environment, emotion, intellect and cognition, language, socialization, personality, sexuality, maturation, and gerentology will be studied. Emphasis will be placed on identifying and encouraging normal development, with some attention given to recognizing and preventing deviant patterns.

Psych 15 - Introduction to Abnormal Psychology:This course focuses on the major forms and causes of behavior defined as deviant or abnormal. Diagnostic and therapeutic treatment strategies are examined, as well as the various theories currently used to explain and treat abnormal behavior and mental disorders. Thorough review of the current DSM - Diagnostic and Statistical Analysis of Mental Disorders 5

Psych 25 - Psychology of Human Sexuality: This course will emphasize the psychobiological and sociological aspects of human sexual behavior. The role of sex within a relationship will be explored, as well as sexual attitudes, life-styles, and changing social roles. The course will also explore the issues around sex and the internet, and its consequences on the individual and society. Guest speakers will be an integral part of the course. Course material will be presented in an explicit, open, scientific, and thoughtful manner.

Psych 02 - Personal Growth and Social Awareness: This course provides an introduction to theory, research, and practical application relevant to personal fulfillment, human reltionships, and social functioning. Topics which will be studied are personality development; traditional and changing sex roles; intimate relationships; stress and stress management; personal and social achievement; and normal and abnormal reactions to modern society. Emphasis will be placed on recognizing typical patterns of personality development, with some attention given to fostering self-actualization and social contributions, while preventing deviant patterns.

Psych 31 - Social Psychology: This course is concerned with the scientific study of social psychology and related theories. The course focuses on how the individual affects and is affected by other people in society, and how society influences human behavior as well as the individual's psychological process (I.e., attitudes, beliefs, self-concept)

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